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All About
Emerald Owl Events

My name is Jenn Michaud

For decades, I have enjoyed planning a variety of events for my family and friends.  Whether it was my husband’s 40th birthday party, countless classroom parties (my favorite was the 3rd grade luau), team banquets, graduation parties, birthday parties, Christmas parties, or funeral receptions, I love planning the details and organizing an event to remember.


As an event host, you spend a considerable amount of time before, during, and after your event, making you so busy (and tired) that you often miss the event and your guests.


This is where Emerald Owl Events comes in.  I love entertaining, particularly the planning, setup and fine details that make the event unique and memorable.  My services at Emerald Owl Events include event planning, on-site event support (set-up, during, clean-up), as well as bringing a variety of food and beverage serve ware and storage–from chafing trays to platters and bowls to large coffee makers and various beverage dispensers–tablecloths and napkins (disposable or fabric); tableware (disposable or reusable), and table decor for the season/event.  Additional items include wine glasses, cocktail glasses, coffee service. 


The best part–you don’t need to buy, borrow, clean, store, or return any of it!  My goal is to give you back some time and let you simply enjoy the event and your guests.


No event is too small.  I look forward to giving you the gift of time with your guests! 

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